Timpani Links :

Comparison of Viennese and French Timpani Schools

Baroque Timpani

Die Wiener Pauke

Timpani Manufacturers :

Adams Musical Instruments

American Drum Timpani

Dorfler timpani

Hardtke timpani

Kolberg Percussion



Majestic Percussion

Weiner Pauken

Weiner Paukenwerkstatt

Winkelmann Pauken

Musicians Websites :

Nick Woud - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Maarten van der Valk - Orchestra of the 18th Century

Guido Rückel - Munich Philharmonic

Arend Weitzel - Bochum Symphony Orchestra

Timpani Sticks :

Jens-Peter Kappert -

Peter Offelder timpani sticks

Seungtae Ku timpani sticks

Gerald Fromme - Viennese timpani sticks

Manfred Kaufmann - Viennese timpani and percussion sticks

Helmut Funke - ToFu Paukenschlagel

Ralf Probst - timpani sticks

Max Mallets - professional timpani and bass drum sticks

David Morbey timpani sticks


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